In the run up to Christmas Day we will publish a daily dose of accountancy & business related goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.
Seven warnings that independent retailers are ignoring to their cost

Christmas is approaching fast but there still things to do to get your house in order before the big

event. Here’s a list of seven things you should be doing to make sure you maximise your profits.

AIA Raised Again To Stimulate Business Investment

The Annual Investment Allowance (“AIA”) is a 100% deduction against taxable profits based on total expenditure incurred on qualifying plant and machinery in an accounting period and is designed to stimulate business investment in plant or machinery.

All I want for Christmas... Is a thank you

As the Christmas holidays approach many employers will be thinking about what the festive season means for their business in terms of numbers, revenue, staff holidays, extra overtime, perhaps even extra staff.

Company Secretary is not a straightforward job title

The title of company secretary is often thought of as being an easy job merely being an official appointment in name only. But, most people would probably shirk the idea if anybody ever gave them the job description and asked them if they wanted to take it on.

Give your grandchildren a Christmas gift they’ll remember all their lives

If you’d like to give the grandchildren a Christmas gift that will last longer than the Turkey leftovers, you may want to look into starting a pension fund for them.

E Payslips – be a little less elfish this Xmas and give your staff an easier way to be paid

As a business owner, if you haven’t yet embraced Electronic Payslips, it is probably on your To Do list to look into. E-payslips are gaining attention and popularity among SMEs as there are direct advantages to both employers and employees but it is a case of doing your homework and making the commitment – or not.

The Not-So-Magical Aspect Of Your Christmas Tree

The UK tax position on owning woodland is largely benign.  It is likely that the laws pertaining to taxation of woodlands were constructed that way to encourage and incentivise ownership in order to conserve an important aspect of British heritage. 

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine…don’t forget the output tax!

As Christmas approaches and the festive mood envelops us all, many businesses will do what they have always done and give their customers, suppliers and business contacts a seasonal gift to thank them for their business during the year.

Santa Clause is coming to town

With not long now until the Main Event, meaning that “Santa Claus is coming to town”, we take a festive look at the tax implication of running an operation the size of St Nick’s.

How entertaining!

With British sport riding high in many areas, is 2015 the year you decide to entertain your customers and contacts at the Rugby World Cup? Maybe a race day perhaps, watching Lewis Hamilton zooming towards another world championship? If this is something you are considering for the New Year - what are the rules on client entertaining and hospitality?

Tax rebates on safety clothing could make a difference to Santa

There is no need to be a Grinch as we enter the festive part of the year, because even if pennies are tight, there may be areas in which you are due a tax rebate that you have overlooked…One of those areas is for safety or protective clothing that you are required to wear in the workplace, or if you are a business – safety clothing that you require your employees to wear.

Breaking through the ‘headwinds to growth’ in 2015

Despite the UK economy growing at a similar pre-crash level annual rate of 3%, the prospect of mature rich economies growing in the future is forecasted to be much slower than it was before the crash.

Elves delivering Christmas presents shouldn’t lose out for using their own vehicles to deliver presents – neither should your employees!

Business mileage is a complicated subject and when it comes to driving your own vehicle, it is important that you know what tax implications this could involve.

HMRC New Year Gifts?

From Monday 3 November over 24 million people started receiving their first Annual Tax Summary from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), which breaks down exactly how their tax was spent by the Exchequer.

Complete your self-assessment tax return before Christmas and you might find yourself with a bit of extra cash for the festive period

Your self-assessment tax return for the tax year between April 2013 and April 2014 is due as of January 31st 2015. While some may wait until the day before the deadline to get their return filed, those that think about getting it completed sooner rather than later could benefit from a little extra cash this Christmas.

PAYE Settlement Agreements Have Got Minor Staff Benefits All Wrapped Up

At this time of year, if you are a business owner, no doubt by now you’ll have a strategy in place for staff Christmas presents.  However modest the gift, HMRC needs to know about it – which is where PAYE Settlement Agreements come in...

Can you ever be too old for Xmas?

Picture the scenario: One of Santa’s eldest but trusted elves is struggling to carry presents to the sleigh this year due to his advancing years. He’s been working for the big guy for more years than he can remember and time is really catching up with him.

Top tips for surviving the January cash woes

If you fall into the category along with the majority of employees who get paid early in December you might find that January can be a very long month. Especially when bills and expenses are heightened after the festive season; your payday can seem a long way away! So what can you do to help the pennies stretch that bit further?

If You Want To Avoid Paying VAT On Food And Drink This Christmas – Stick To A Cuppa

During December, it is only natural to over-indulge in food and drink, but a look at the complexities of VAT pertaining to what we eat is enough to make you lose your appetite, particularly if you’re in the catering trade.

Seven Top tips for retailers looking to survive the Christmas rush

Christmas is finally here and for independent retailers, it means all those careful plans you have made for the Christmas rush are being called in to action. So, whilst customer energy and drive to purchase the products is at an all-time high, how are you, the retailer, coping with your energy levels in the final days of the Christmas rush? Here’s a few tips that could help. 

Christmas Funnies On Email Are Harmless Enough – Aren’t They?

Imagine the scenario … It’s the wind down to Christmas and your employees are enjoying a brief lull with a frothy-coffee and a mince pie. At the same time, someone has hit ‘forward to all’ with the latest internet funny; a dog in a reindeer costume, pulling a baby in a sledge, for example

Inheritance tax worries over Christmas gifts? Fear not!

Inheritance tax issues can always be a worry for people who are intent on leaving a sizeable fortune for their family when they pass on. Ensuring that your family is taken care of when you are no longer around is a distressing thought and often a stressful one, when you discover all of the limits that HMRC put on money that you can give away tax free.

Budget 2015 Seminars

We may still be digesting the Autumn Statement 2014, but Chancellor George Osborne is to deliver his last Budget of the Parliament on 18 March 2015. We have already scheduled 2 Budget 2015 seminars:


Budget 2015 Seminars

We may still be digesting the Autumn Statement 2014, but Chancellor George Osborne is to deliver his last Budget of the Parliament on 18 March 2015. We have already scheduled 2 Budget 2015 seminars:

Budget 2015 Seminars

We may still be digesting the Autumn Statement 2014, but Chancellor George Osborne is to deliver his last Budget of the Parliament on 18 March 2015. We have already scheduled 2 Budget 2015 seminars:

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