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Top Trumps: Negotiations skills could play a global game

Adam Merrett

Adam Merrett

Obama has given his farewell address and America’s future with Donald Trump will begin on 20th January. Not only will there be a period of change afoot for stateside businesses and individuals, but what happens next could impact the rest …

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December was the season for retail sales slump

There were some surprises in store from this morning’s Retail Sales Statistics, which delivered the unexpected gift of a sales slowdown. Phil Mullis, Head of Retail and Wholesale and Partner at Wilkins Kennedy, commented: “It came as a surprise that December’s retail sales were slower than expected – going against many predictions from retail industry experts.
“However, looking back at last year’s figures, it looked to be a similar story. Perhaps it is the influence of event retailing in the run up to Christmas, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If these fall in November then there is a chance that this could have an impact on quantity bought in the month of December. Retailers have worked hard to weather the storm following recent events."

Tax Dates

31 January 2017

Deadline for online submission of Self Assessment tax returns for tax year ended 5 April 2016.

31 January 2017

Deadline for paying Self Assessment ‘balancing payments’ for tax year ended 5 April 2016.

31 January 2017

Deadline for first Self Assessment payment on account for tax year ended 5 April 2017.

Brexit 2016

The latest on Britain’s exit from the EU

On 23rd June 2016, British voters went to the polls to cast their vote in the historic EU Referendum. Based on a 72.2% turnout, a majority voted to leave the European Union with 52% of the vote, against 48% to remain.

Following this announcement, Wilkins Kennedy brings you all the latest Brexit news and the potential impact it could have for individuals and businesses around the UK.

Our Brexit Hub provides details of events before, during and after the Referendum as well as what could happen next as the nation prepares for independence from the EU. If you have any queries relating to how Brexit might affect you, contact us today on

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