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Maybe you’re interested in performance and need tax advisers who embrace challenges and present you with choices; perhaps you are in business for the long haul and need partners to manage your tax obligation efficiently; you may be looking for solutions that secure your wealth for the next generation.

At Wilkins Kennedy what sets us apart is our uniquely personal approach to meeting your tax needs. That means understanding you - what motivates you, what you want to achieve, how you like to work and what you need from us.

We combine our industry expertise, technical abilities and commercial aptitude to deliver tax advice that is unique, inspired and robust.

Tax Factor

31 March 2015

Prompt Payment Discounts

VAT Alert From 1st April 2015 VAT law in connection with prompt payment discounts is changing. The changes will not only affect those businesses that offer prompt payment discounts to customers but also those who receive invoices offering a prompt payment discount. The current VAT legislation is relatively simple with ...



Annual returns for 2014-15 employee share schemes to be filed by this date

Premiums on certain life assurance contracts to be paid by now if tax relief is to be obtained

Income Tax self-assessment second payment on account for 2014-15

Final direct debit for Class 2 NICs collected (with collection of Class 2 NICs via self-assessment for tax year 2015–16 ...

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