Providing accounting, tax and business advice in London and the South East since 1882.

Wilkins Kennedy was founded in 1882 in the City of London by Thomas Kennedy. As well as Kennedy's name, one other feature that has remained constant throughout our history has been our dedication to client service.

Over the years, we've been proud to work with hundreds of clients across many sectors, in businesses of all shapes and sizes. We've even seen a few famous faces along the way, such as the iconic British author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the classic Sherlock Holmes character. 

There have been some testing times too. A former apprentice, who joined the firm during the Second World War, remembers walking along London's Embankment to deliver papers to a client. As he walked, air-raid sirens wailed and buildings collapsed as bombs dropped all around. But, other than taking brief shelter in one of London's underground stations, the apprentice carried on with pragmatic determination.

That same former apprentice said that, at the time, the London office had been bomb-damaged, so staff were temporarily working from the living room of one of the partner's homes - who had a tendency for working in his dressing gown all day long!

Despite the adversity, we are proud to be here nearly 140 years later to tell our tale of success and growth.

Thomas Kennedy's practice has grown into a full-service accountancy firm with more than 700 staff and partners over 18 offices across the South East. In September 2018 Wilkins Kennedy joined Baldwins, one of the UK's fastest-growing accountancy groups, which is a subsidiary of CogitalGroup, an international business services group focused on entrepreneurial and private businesses.

Wilkins Kennedy - historical timeline

1882 Firm is founded by Thomas Kennedy at 11 Old Jewry Chambers in the City of London. Kennedy listed his practicing firm with the ICAEW as Kennedy & Hobbs.
1892 The firm changes its name to Thomas Kennedy & Co.
1901 Charles Fox FCA, joins forces with Thomas Kennedy to create the firm T. Kennedy & C. Fox.
1907 Kennedy and Fox link together with Oldfield Brothers & Co. to create Kennedy, Fox, Oldfield & Co., a name that would stay until the 1960s, when the firm became Wilkins Kennedy.
1935 Charles Fox’ obituary is listed in the 23 November edition of The Accountant. His son, Geoffrey Charles Fox, was serving his articles under his father at the time of Charles Fox’ death. Geoffrey Fox sadly died in a car accident on 8 October 1959, aged 49.
1962 Eric Wilkins and Harold Hassell of Wilkins Hassell & Co. merged with Kennedy, Fox, Oldfield & Co., to create Wilkins Kennedy & Co in 1962. As well as a London office, there were two other offices in Southend and Amersham. The office at 1 Nelson Street in Southend is where the site remains today.
1979 After the name Wilkins Kennedy is born, a period of growth followed. Several mergers in London brought the office to Bridge House, where the office remains to this day.
1982 Merger with Spain brothers introduces a new office in Orpington.
1996 Merger with BRB gives Wilkins Kennedy a new office in Egham as well as a specialist insolvency department.
2001 Merger with Hughills creates new offices in Cambridge and Waltham Cross (which subsequently becomes the Hertford office).
2007 Merger with Jordan Brooks creates new offices in Winchester and Romsey. Merger with Young & Co creates a new office in Guildford, and merger with Bridgers creates a new office in Reading.
2008 Merger with Finn-Kelcey & Chapman creates a new Ashford office.
2013 Merger with CW Fellowes creates new offices in Southampton and Portsmouth.
2016 Lakin Clark merger creates a new Canterbury office and another merger later that year with Day, Smith & Hunter creates new Maidstone office.
2017 Wilkins Kennedy acquires a new office in Newbury, following a merger with Griffins.
2018 A merger with M R Salvage creates a Bourne End office. The firm now has approximately 700 staff and partners over 18 offices, bringing the turnover to £55 million.