Dan, Training Partner

Tips for applying and making your application stand out 

Your application form is your first chance to demonstrate your skills to us. We want to know why you want to work for Wilkins Kennedy and why we should offer you a training role. You need to effectively showcase yourself on your application, as this is the initial way we judge whether to progress your application to the next stage.

We receive many application forms so it is vital that you make a positive impact and make your application stand out. It’s important not to rush when completing the application form.  Spend some time reading over your application to make sure you are answering the questions asked. We often see answers to the questions you want the form to ask. It’s also important to double check for any spelling and grammar mistakes, even with a spell-checker on your computer the wrong words can be used and therefore result in easy to correct mistakes. Although the application form may look overwhelming do not put it off and try to set time aside to ensure you are not distracted.

You can seek advice on completing an application from many sources including the firm’s website and LinkedIn pages, careers service web pages and your career support centres at school or university. They will be able to help you complete and review your application form.

Try to find out as much as you can about the firm including our services, vision, achievements and even some of our clients, since this helps you to get to know the firm and show you are interested in working here.

As an employer we are seeking well rounded individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. It is important to have good university and school grades, but they are not the only requirement we consider. We also look at your strengths, personality and potential, and often this is what will help you stand out from other candidates.

There are qualities that all employers seek when searching for the right candidate. These include communication skills, integrity, taking responsibility and the ability to work in a team. Employers are also interested in learning what kind of person you are and whether you will fit into their culture. Our business is based on the people who work here, so we want to know why you are a good fit.

Anna Gibbs, Recruitment Manager

Applying and Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are an important stage of the recruitment process where we can learn more about you, confirm what we have read in your application, and identify if you demonstrate the characteristics and skills we are looking for through a series of activities and psychometric exercises.

An assessment centre is your opportunity to demonstrate why you are the right candidate for a trainee position with us. We ask you to complete various activities designed to access the qualities and behaviours required of a trainee at Wilkins Kennedy. Assessment centres usually last for several hours and if you embrace the programme of activities, and have prepared thoroughly, it can be an enjoyable day. Hopefully you will also take away new experiences that will help you in the future.

It is important to give an assessment centre your best shot and try to put any nerves to one side. Remember that everyone else taking part is likely to feel the same as you. The people from Wilkins Kennedy will all be aware of the pressure you may be feeling and will help make you feel at ease; indeed some of them have already been through this process themselves.

The day itself will include interviews with partners and managers and exercises to help you get to know the other candidates. There will also be a group task, as well as the chance to learn more about our training programmes and to meet and question a range of current staff, from partners and HR to existing trainees.  

Before the day of your assessment centre

Ensure that you give yourself sufficient time to prepare. Think about the questions you may be asked. Practice with friends and family, who will probably have experience of this themselves. Consider some questions that are key to the role, for example:

  • Describe an experience you have had that demonstrates successful teamwork.

  • Give me an example of where you have used effective communication.

  • Tell me about a time when you experienced pressure on your time and explain how you managed the situation.

By preparing, you will be able to give detailed and well thought through responses.

Remember that an assessment centre is also a good opportunity to help you to determine if you and Wilkins Kennedy are a good match for each other. Take every opportunity you have during the day to ask questions and talk to the team who are there.

Being a trainee with Wilkins Kennedy can be a truly rewarding experience and we hope that you will demonstrate your commitment to joining us on the journey. If you haven’t done already, take a look at the student blogs and see if working for Wilkins Kennedy is something you want to experience for yourself.