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GDPR and audit – how are you managing the risk?

As the deadline for GDPR implementation gets nearer, 25 May 2018, it is becoming more important for businesses to hone in on their responsibilities. The penalties for getting it wrong could be costly, with the maximum fine increasing from £500,000 …

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Dreary December retail sales deliver disappointment

Lower margins and squeezed prices revealed a disappointing end to the Golden Quarter in the December Retail Sales, as it appeared consumers bought their spending forward to November 2017 with events such as Black Friday. Phil Mullis, Partner and Head of Retail and Wholesale at top-20 UK accountancy firm, Wilkins Kennedy, said: “December’s Retail Sales revealed a disappointing end to the Golden Quarter 2017 with a fall in purchase quantity of 1.5% compared to November 2017. Yes, there was small growth at 0.4% in the last three months compared to the previous three months but the overall trend is downwards. We continue to see inflation outstrip wage growth and while this remains it will be difficult for the retail sector to grow."

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