26 Jul 2019

Entries open for young entrepreneur awards

The UK’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs are being given the chance to kick-start their business ideas with a five-figure investment.

KickStart Young Entrepreneur Awards are open in England, Scotland and Wales for 18 to 25-year-olds as the competition enters its seventh year, which has seen £180,000 invested in start-up businesses since 2013.

The winner of the awards will be given a grant of £10,000 along with £10,000 worth of mentoring, and accountancy and business advice, while two runners-up will each receive £5,000 worth of mentoring, and accountancy and business advice.

Ten people are chosen to be interviewed about their ideas, which will then be whittled down to a final three.

This year’s three finalists will then be invited to present in front of more than 400 people at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham on Thursday 14th November

Last year’s KickStart Young Entrepreneur Awards saw Michael Harkins scoop the top prize for his idea of a shell-shaped swimming aid that sits on a child’s back, enabling users to swim freely without the need for armbands and handheld floats.

William Payne, Managing Director at Wilkins Kennedy, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for young people who have just started a business or are looking to turn their idea into a reality.

“Last year’s winner Michael Harkins was a classic example – he spotted an issue with existing swimming apparatus while going about his daily routine as a swimming instructor, and with the right help and advice, he has turned a concept into a product that is now on the market.

“The uncertainty originating from Brexit provides a challenging environment for existing businesses, let alone those just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, so providing young business people with the right guidance is important now more than ever.

“KickStart applicants that are invited for an interview will receive constructive feedback to help their ideas flourish.

“The awards are not restricted to any sector and everyone who enters will have the invaluable experience of putting together a business plan.

“These awards have developed an enviable reputation for producing some talented home-grown entrepreneurs, and the growing standard of entries that we receive year-on-year shows us that there is still more to come.

“If you have the foundations of a quirky business idea or have recently just launched your own firm, then please get in touch – we had more than 30 applicants last year who benefited from our advice just from going through the interview process.”

The 2019 KickStart Young Entrepreneur Awards come off the back of another strong year of expansion for the Baldwins Group, which now has over 90 offices around the UK.

 The deadline to apply for the KickStart Young Entrepreneur Awards is 31st August 2019 to enter visit www.baldwinsaccountants.co.uk/kickstart/apply-now

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