Charles Cable


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Charles trained and qualified with a small firm in Chicester and joined the Fareham office in Rothmans in 1988 and was made Partner in 1990.

He joined Wilkins Kennedy in July 2019 upon the merger of the Fareham, Haveant and Sutton Offices of Rothmans.

Charles has moved full time into the Havant office following the merger but is regularly back in Fareham meeting some of his clients based there.

Charles comes from a farming background and so it is no surprise that he has a keen interest in Farming and Agriculture. His other main specialism is working with Solicitors. He has a keen interest in the commercial aspects of the profession as well as financial and tax planning matters.

Many of his larger clients were small businesses when he first met them and he has enjoyed working with them and watching them grow and proper over the last thirty years. He  truly values the  loyalty and  the long term relationship  he has enjoyed with them to date.

Charles lives in Berkshire on a smallholding with his Wife and seventeen-year-old son. His wife supplies animals to the TV and Film Industry. As a result of his countryside background he is regularly seen out with his dog at his side with either a Rod or Gun in hand.  He is both a Chelsea fan and a Wasps fan and is much happier when they are both winning!

Areas of expertise

  • Accounting and advisory
  • Tax
  • Solicitors
  • Agriculture

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