The arts and media sector is one of the most dynamic and active in the UK as well as being integral to the fabric of our society. 

The sector forms a key part of the UK’s economy and attracts investment from both within the UK and from overseas. 

 As one might expect in the creative industry, things are never static.  The sector has to navigate the challenges of emerging technologies and maintaining financial stability while at the same time wanting to protect and grow their business by safeguarding their brands and their intellectual property.

To assist our clients, we ensure we are at the forefront of the industry and are embedded in the issues.  Particular areas of interest are art in exhibitions and museums, film, television and live performance, literature, music and digital media. By being connected, informed and involved, we are best placed to advise our clients and help achieve their business aims.  We attend many of the major international art fairs, events and exhibitions and we host a range of industry based events to help inform and connect our clients.

We represent major UK art galleries, artists, actors, musicians, theatres, producers and production companies and provide advice on business structuring, tax planning, VAT and accounting.