The risks of starting business overseas are numerous – but so are the potential rewards.

It can be done in a number of ways: a simple sales team, a branch or a subsidiary may be set up. Alternatively, you may wish to acquire an existing overseas business or start selling via the internet.

To ensure you and your business are fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the overseas jurisdiction, as well as optimising any potential taxation issues, you will need expert advice from an experienced accounting firm.

We can advise you on the overseas expansion of your business in so far as it affects the UK aspects – principally accounting and taxation – particularly if group issues, such as transfer-pricing are concerned.

Before you look to take your business overseas, we recommend that you consider issues such as current structures, including staff, finances, IT and operations. We can then help you to formulate a plan that will outline realistic targets and timeframes for moving forward.

Other commercial and operational matters to consider include:

  • Cultural issues

  • Marketing channels including competitor research

  • Technical constraints

  • Trade zones

  • Agent/distributor timing, agreements and due diligence

  • People – movement, visas, permits and getting paid

  • Compliance

  • Tax and VAT

Through our membership of our international associations, Allinial Global and ILAS, we can provide the professional support needed to take your cross-border deal from due diligence, through to the tax structuring and potential fundraising to secure the right result.

At every stage of your overseas expansion, we can provide guidance and support from a high-quality, partner-led team working in conjunction with our international associations.