Meeting your statutory reporting obligations and helping remove risk from your business.

Whether your organisation requires an audit by law or you choose to have one voluntarily, these are the benefits of an audit.

Improved systems and controls

Drawing on our knowledge of working with other organisations like yours and bringing an independent perspective, we are well placed to make recommendations to improve your internal systems and controls to help the organisation run more smoothly and manage the risks it faces.

Shareholder and management confidence

An audit provides assurance to shareholders (particularly if they are not closely involved in the organisation) that the numbers are robust, and hence decisions can be made on reliable data. It also provides confidence that financial surprises will not emerge if the business is subject to due diligence or investigation as part of an acquisition or disposal.

Adding credibility to your accounts

An audit by a reputable accounting firm adds credibility to published information for key stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, banks and employees. This may help them make more informed decisions about their relationship with the organisation such as whether to trade with, lend to or work with it. Credit rating agencies and HMRC may also place more reliance on audited results.   

Springboard to advice

Our audits do not just look at the financial statements – we take the time to understand you and your organisation.  We will engage with you, ask questions and then draw on our skills and experience to provide insight and guidance on matters such as managing risk, corporate governance and tax planning.