The possibility of starting your own business can be prompted by many sources. It could be an unexpected opportunity or the result of years of careful planning. It could take the form of an offer to participate in a buy-out of your existing employer or participate in a franchise. It could be bold lifestyle choice.

Whatever the reason, you will need significant personal commitment and motivation and often you will be required to put in your own money, sometimes using your personal assets as collateral.

A good business plan

A good business plan sets a course for your business. It captures what you hope to achieve and how you intend to get there and will prove invaluable in helping you establish targets and focus on priorities.

The plan can also be a useful tool for motivating staff and instilling confidence in stakeholders by demonstrating leadership and vision. Most potential investors or funders will want to see a formal business plan before they consider investing in your business.

Our range and depth of expertise means that we can call on the right team of specialists within Wilkins Kennedy to assist you in producing a plan that suits your requirements, whether these be raising finance, embracing growth or developing a strategy to survive difficulties.

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