Authoritative personal tax advice can protect your wealth and minimise the risk of an HMRC investigation.

Our personal tax team can advise on areas such as:

  • Tax-efficient extraction of profits through salary and dividend payments

  • Developing a business succession plan and shareholder exit strategies

  • Commercial and residential property taxation including SDLT, property development and investment

  • Developing inheritance tax plans that make optimum use of tax relief for business property

  • Planning and optimising the use of Capital Gains Tax reliefs


We will help you prepare and submit your self-assessment tax return. We will guide you through the process, advising on which tax reliefs and allowances apply. Our specialist advisers can help with

  • Preparing self-employment and rental accounts to calculate the tax-related profit/loss position

  • Help collating and submitting tax returns

  • Collating information and creating a report for the completion of any foreign returns

  • Advice on any requirements to properly disclose tax planning

  • Trustees may have tax compliance obligations. We can help you prepare and submit the necessary documents

Residency and domicile

People living in the UK who are foreign nationals are considered to be resident but non-domiciled for tax purposes. Your tax residency status can change from year to year, depending on your personal circumstances, and if you live long enough in the UK you may become deemed UK domiciled.

Whether you are coming to the UK, planning long-term residence, or leaving the UK, our highly qualified team of specialists can advise you on organising your financial affairs, tax efficiency and your reporting obligations.