Tax Credits and Reliefs are one of the UK’s most attractive tax breaks – but too many companies still do not realise they could be eligible.

The government is keen to promote investment in innovation, so the definition of what counts as R&D is broad. It includes activity aimed at improving or advancing knowledge of products or processes. These include running costs for things such as materials, staff or software – even if your project was never completed.

If you think that your company might be eligible for R&D tax credits, we can help you.

We will

  • Explain the qualifying criteria and how to submit a claim

  • Help you to identify relevant expenditure

  • Help to prepare and submit an R&D tax claim

  • Liaise with HMRC on your behalf

Tax relief is available to companies of all sizes, but the scheme you are eligible for will depend on whether or not you are an SME or a large company.