24 May 2018

Wilkins Kennedy, 5 Yeomans Court, Ware Road, Hertford SG13 7HJ  

Barbara Gregoriou 


07:45 - 09:45

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Academies Workshop: "VAT Hot Topics"

“The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”

Although academies (and free schools) have the ability to recover VAT incurred on their core activity of providing education free of charge (a ‘non-business’ activity for VAT purposes), there are still a number of VAT issues facing the sector especially with drive to MATs and the need for generating additional revenue and income.
This breakfast workshop is an informal way to discuss the key issues facing academies, free schools and those preparing to convert to such status.
We would envisage covering the following:

  • Breakfast and after school clubs – what is the VAT impact in respect of the definition of business and non-business?
  • VAT registration issues – legal requirement – what about MATs – the pros and cons.
  • Raising additional income.
  • Direct attribution or apportionment – business/non-business and partial exemption.
  • Sports lets, other lets, sales to parents of musical instruments, laptops, and other items – VAT implications.
  • Building and construction.
  • Open session – what do you want to know?

Event Details

Date: 24 May 2018

Time: 07:45am – 09:45am

Venue: Wilkins Kennedy, 5 Yeomans Court, Ware Road, Hertford SG13 7HJ

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Academies Workshop - Hertford - "VAT Hot Topics"

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