6 June 2017

Wilkins Kennedy, 5 Yeomans Court, Ware Road, Hertford SG13 7HJ  

Sam Windley 


07:45 - 09:30

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The academy sector is continuing to evolve and is entering into another chapter of its development. With potential changes in the funding formula academies will be scrutinising their finances even more closely. Whether you are either a new school converting to, or joining an existing MAT, or are a single academy trust looking to expand or join an existing MAT there are lots of issues to consider.

Continuing our theme of future proofing your academy trust, in this workshop we will be discussing how you can ensure you are ready to embrace change particularly in relation to MAT status.

We will be discussing questions such as:

  • How can I attract schools to my MAT?
  • Which MAT should I join?
  • How can we ensure our academy trust looks attractive to an existing MAT?

We will cover:

  • Internal processes/efficiencies.
  • Limited Scope Financial Review/due diligence.
  • How do you know which MAT to join?
  • Are the schools you are attracting the right fit?
  • Diversifying income streams.
  • Cost reviews.

Event Details

Date: 6 June 2017

Time: 07:45am – 09:45am

Venue: Wilkins Kennedy, 5 Yeomans Court, Ware Road, Hertford SG13 7HJ

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Academies Workshop - Hertford - "Future Proofing - Planning for Change?"

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